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Design a responsive website the way you want it.

Publish content and maintain one website for all devices.

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 Get on the list to be invited to our upcoming exclusive free trial.

Start with a framework as your guide. 

DarkMatter frameworks guide you in creating a best practice website experience. You are never locked into a template.


Sell digital and physical products.

Restrict the number of downloads and set download
expiration dates. Add a single product to multiple categories. Manage inventory and personalize sales emails.

Sell classes or events and manage attendees.

Send out class waivers, print attendance lists and confirm participation. Allow payment via group coupons.

Share content through Blogs and Stories.

Custom design each post or story to suit your content.

Manage multiple client websites from one dashboard.

With a Designer Account you can create reusable frameworks for multiple website projects.

Design features that give you power.

Edit your website with visual design tools.

Build your website in a flowchart view.

Add columns and modify page layout grids.

Drag and drop content into your pages with easy editing. 

Modify your CSS styles without coding.

Design unique headers & footers and  per devices.

Toggle between desktop or mobile views. Easily customize content and layout across different screen sizes.

Create custom drag-and-drop website forms.

Publish when ready.

Preview, save drafts, suspend and publish your pages
with ease. Assign your website to a custom domain name.

Design frameworks to reuse on multiple sites.

Save page templates, create website master pages, CSS styles
and design elements to use in creating new client websites.

Restrict editing of content modules to control the design appearance.

Create website components with custom code for specific client needs.

Resize, Crop and edit your images.

Manage and organize media with bins.

Training and development support.

Dark Matter video training helps you build your website.

Custom development is also available when you need a hand.

Cloud-hosting and state-of-the-art security.


DarkMatter platform includes hosting, bandwidth, security and support. 

Straightforward pricing.

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